Classic Connect is an installation kit that completely modernises your iPod.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to cut the inconvenience of wires, and use your wireless speakers and headphones with your iPod, seamlessly.

USB-C integration makes using your iPod with just one universal cable a breeze, and charges your battery in just 50 minutes.

All that, while being completely plug-and-play.

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The convenience of Bluetooth.

With Classic Connect, your music experience won't ever be interrupted again, whether you're going for a run or just walking around the office.

No distractions, no notifications, no wires, just you and the music.

USB-C, a headphone jack, 30 pin. They're all here.

To complement the 30-pin port, we've added a USB-C charging and sync* port to the top of the device, so you can choose which port is most convenient for you. We've kept the headphone jack too.

You'll only need to carry one cable with you, no matter what device you're using.

A seamless installation experience.

Classic Connect is completely plug-and-play experience. Installing the kit takes no longer than 10 minutes.

You can check out our installation video to see for yourself.

You're in control.

Incorporation of the 3.5mm jack into our design ensures that you're still in control of your own audio experience, whether or not you want to use Bluetooth.

Faster charging. Worry less.

Our USB-C port can charge your iPod's battery* up in just 50 minutes, no special equipment required.

Even if you've forgotten to charge your iPod before work, or you're charging it at the coffee shop for a few minutes, you can keep listening without having to worry about running out of charge with Classic Connect.

*We include a custom extended battery when you purchase our kit bundle. This is the battery we tested with.

Compatible with your favourite devices.

Classic Connect works perfectly with AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, and Bluetooth speakers alike. You can use all the devices you already own with our kit.

Uncompromising audio quality.

Classic Connect uses best-in-class technology, supporting 24bit 96kHz sampling and the latest high quality audio codecs, like aptX-HD and the newest codec from Qualcomm, aptX-AD. Lossless audio will be heard as it was meant to be - with no loss in quality.

Classic Connect adheres to the Bluetooth 5.2 standard too, so power consumption is lower than it's ever been, while stability remains impeccable.

Keep listening at range.

Classic Connect is designed to maximise Bluetooth range, so the music won't stop whether you're going downstairs for a moment, or retrieving something from the car.

Using a pair of wireless earbuds (similar range to AirPods), we achieved 20m (60ft) range with our iPod, which is about the length of two lorries.

Repair-friendly design.

Once you install the kit, it's as easy as opening your iPod again again to replace the battery, expand the storage, or do any other work that's required.

It's thin.

Classic Connect measures in at 11mm, which is only 0.5mm taller than the iPod Classic with the original thin rear casing.

Tech specs

  • Compatible with AirPods, all major apple devices
  • Bluetooth v5.2 supported
  • 24bit 96kHz sampling supported
  • Codecs supported: aptX, aptX-HD, aptX-LL and aptX-AD
  • Bluetooth range of 20m (60ft)
  • USB-C port that supports charge and sync
  • Up to 1A charging speed
  • Solder-less install (*apart from USB-C sync features)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack with support for in-line controls
  • User service-able (battery can be replaced, storage upgraded, etc.)

Still got questions? Visit our FAQ. Or click below to buy the kit.