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Classic Connect

Classic Connect

A Solder-less Bluetooth kit with USB-C for the iPod Classic and Video

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Product overview

Classic Connect is an installation kit that completely modernises your iPod.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to cut the inconvenience of wires, and use your wireless speakers and headphones with your iPod, seamlessly.

USB-C integration makes using your iPod with just one universal cable a breeze, and charges your battery in just 40 minutes.

All that, while being completely plug-and-play

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If you're looking for pairing instructions, visit this page. Installation instructions, watch this video.

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Battery calibration and USB data transfer only available after soldering three wires (USB datalines and VBUS) to the iPod motherboard. You can view the soldering instructions for wireless charging, USB sync, USB audio and haptic feedback here.

This product requires the appropriate glue or double-sided tape to assemble, which we sell on the website, or as part of the bundle. It is the same glue used to do screen repairs on mobile phones, and can easily be removed. 

This product is not compatible with Bluetooth playback controls or AirPods Pro 2.


  • iPod Video (5th gen)
  • iPod Video Enhanced (5.5th gen)
  • iPod Classic (6th and 7th gen)
Battery and storage combinations that are known to fit:
  • Extended battery included with out kit bundle (marketed as 2000mAh battery in other stores), and the imCort SD card adapter (sold on
Audio devices

The module uses Bluetooth v5.2.

All Bluetooth audio devices should be able to connect without an issue, however I can't guarantee compatibility.

AirPods do work however.

Audio specs

Apt-X, Apt-X HD, Aptx-AD and Aptx-LL are fully supported, as well as SBC of course.

24bit 96kHz sampling is supported.

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