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iPod Classic

iPod Classic

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We're currently experiencing delays with out iPod Classic orders due to a supplier issue. We'll let you know when things are back to normal. You can still place an order.

Product overview

A fully refurbished iPod Classic, upgraded with flash memory and an extended battery.

Each iPod is subject to extreme scrutiny and goes through an intensive quality control process, to make sure that you receive an iPod without dust under the screen, a wobbly button, a poorly manufactured clickwheel, and other issues that other sellers simply don't check for.

All parts on the iPod are replaced with newly manufactured pieces, meaning you receive a device that looks completely brand new.

SD card storage replaces the old hard drive, meaning your music loads faster than ever, and your iPod remains future-proof. The SD cards can even be upgraded in both size and quality in the future should you wish.

A brand new, extended battery is installed in every iPod, giving you longer between charges to use your iPod how you want.

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